Jason Chatzilias was born to Greek parents. This influenced his state of mind acutely, knowing he was of the gods. He was one that ruled the physical realm of those below him. Hearing a Manix song on CIUT (a local Toronto radio station) at age 12 felt all the same. This moment was it, this was the love he needed to live, this was the inspiration he needed. Coupled with eating his family’s Commodore Vic20 as a toddler he was now set for the journey –
making the most honest and at times, ostentatious music that won’t just move you or me, but will make us cry, will make us hate him and love him simultaneously. Will make men wish they understood the passion, make women wish to be part of the passion. Dubbed by Knowledge Magazine as the edge of drum n bass, 0=0 is never afraid but you should be.
Running / Reflux (12″) Mashed Up 2002
Brick Smack (2xCD) Down With The Techniques Dross:tik Records 2003
Transitional Days (CD) Down With The Technics… Peace Off 2004
Appears On:
So Far (2×12″, EP) Bridge Over Broken Water Subtle Audio Recordings 2006
Tracks Appear On:
True Underground (File, MP3) Purify Smerk ;^) 2002
Bloodclot Ragga Jungle Vol. 2 (CD) Soda411 Killa Records 2003
Brick Smack (2xCD) Plastic Zero, 88, Dub … Dross:tik Records 2003
Return Of The Fight Club (12″) Down With The Technics… Tigerbeat6 2003
Tigerbeat6: Paws Across The World 2003 (CD) Soda411 Tigerbeat6 2003
In The Works EP (12″) 88 Dross:tik Records 2004
Revenge Of The Fight Club (12″) Mario’s Theme Tigerbeat6 2004
Shotgun Wedding Volume Two / Evil Doppelganger (CD, Album) 88 Violent Turd 2004
Obliterati EP 3 - The Satisfaction Of Giving Up (2×12″) The Goal Obliterati 2005
Sacred Symbols Of Mu (2xCD) More Than Anything Planet Mu 2006
Subtle Audio Vol I (2xCD, Comp) Bridge Over Broken Water Subtle Audio Recordings 2008
Unofficial Releases:
Breakcore-Jungle V.2 (CDr, Mixed) Dub Fi Dub, Valley Of … Dross:tik Records 2002