Les Twins

Les Twins
Twin brothers Larry and Laurent Bourgeois – collectively known as LES TWINS are internationally known New Style Hip-Hop dancers, originally from Sarcelles, France. They are members of a larger group of dancers known as the Criminalz. Lots of people have difficulty identifying the brothers, but close observation – as all super fans will do – will show the differences in their features, personal style and dance techniques.

Date of Birth: December 6, 1988
Place of Birth: Sarcelles, France
Height: 6’4 (193 cm)
Shoe Size: 10.5
Siblings: 18
Hobbies Include: Dancing, Golf, Eating, Babysitting
Trademark looks: Wild hair (afros), backwards pants/jeans, kneepads, scarves
Manager: Barbara Fabri
Coach: Abibou “Playmo” Kébé


-Semifinalists on “Incroyable Talent”
-Semifinalists at Juste Debout 2008
-Leads in Music Videos for La Fouine, Sheryfa Luna, Les Deesses, Magic System and others
-Performed in the play “Pas de Quartier” at Théâtre du Voile Déchiré
-Performed in the self titled show “Twins” at Théâtre du Voile Déchiré
-Performed in Generation Moonwalk, Tribute to Michael Jackson at Zenith, Paris
-Featured in Italian Vogue, November 2010
-Cover of Dance Delight Magazine, March 2011
-Winners at Juste Debout 2011 Japan Hip-Hop Division
-Finalists at Dance @Live 2011 Japan Hip-Hop West Division – which Laurent won
-Winners at Juste Debout 2011 Hip-Hop Division

We’re gonna keep digging deeper to learn more about Larry & Laurent so stay tuned!
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